One True “Conspiracy”

There is only really one “conspiracy”, the agenda by the ruling elites to establish a one world government. All other conspiracies are miniature moves toward this ultimate goal, and can ultimately be traced back to the creation of a New World Order. Here’s a dump of some fantastic old school videos.

In my opinion, there are a few important “foundational conspiracies” that the elite syndicate relies on to achieve this goal.

A few of the foundational conspiracies are:

  1. The global banking cartel/syndicate and the use of usury
  2. False flag attacks and social hysteria (creation of “terrorism” to justify a police state.)
  3. Control of nearly all media publications and networks
  4. Division. Racial, religious, and Left/Right divide and false dichotomy
  5. Roundtable groups and powerful think tanks/societies like Bilderberg, CFR, Trilateral Commission, Jason Society that provide the elite syndicate with a network.

In essence, the real conspiracy is that we live in a very sophisticated and advanced form of indentured servitude, where we are merely “tax cattle”, and the entire purpose of our lives is to serve the ruling class. They desire complete and total control over the globe. 1 currency, 1 religion, 1 ruling group, and all of this to be slowly and incrementally forced on us in the coming decades.

Some fantastic videos

Shorter Clips

Ron Paul Discusses Bilderberg’s influence

World leaders using the term “New World Order” in cryptic fashion during public speeches

Tim Russert asks Bush and Kerry about their ties to the same secret society, Skull and Bones

“The Story of Your Enslavement”, very short and revealing video about our indentured servitude

Alan Watts on how the elites control all MSM and use sports and soap operas to distract and appease us

“The American Dream”, short doc on the federal reserve and how the banking cartel operates in the US

Lord Rothschild confronted by journalists about The New World Order

David Rockefeller confronted about the New World Order

Ben Swann short expose on potential elite sex trafficking crimes

Longer, yet incredibly informative and eye opening Documentaries

“The Money Masters”- *Probably the most important video on this list. An absolute must watch.

Jason Bermas- “Invisible Empire”

“Everything is a rich man’s trick”

“The Four Horsemen”

“Culture in Decline”, By Peter Joseph, on the fake phony left/right paradigm