The TRUTH is learned, never told.

Written By: ZultanPhysics (@NoClutchTruth) – December 17, 2020

There have been days during this information war when I have felt defeated. I felt broken down and tired. There were days when I didn’t even want to go to the battlefield. There were days that I turned and walked off of the battlefield There have been days when I couldn’t sleep. With all of the attacks I summoned by being a soldier in this Information War, I called it all upon myself.

It has been overwhelming at times. I have ridden this roller coaster for 5 years along with the rest you. I have watched every lever of power pulled against We The People. It has been a more difficult road, because even those that SHOULD be listening to us are falling for the stories being told by the very media they KNOW is lying to them. We have worked tirelessly to share the TRUTH with the world. Especially our countrymen; our fellow Americans. I understand how insane some of the topics we have shared have sounded. The hardest part of the journey to the Great Awakening, is realizing that we have duped. We fell for every lie. It isn’t because we are stupid. It is because we trusted. We were supposed to be able to trust. Many still believe the stories they are told.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The TRUTH is learned, never told.

Being wrong in your understanding does not make you a fool. Believing a lie in the face of contradictory, verifiable, empirical evidence makes you a fool.

You have examine so much. Examination and research is where the rubber meets the road. That is what the important note is about. The truth must be found, researched, scrutinized. People are too busy for that. This is the fundamental importance of the Anon community. The media and even our countrymen… can criticize and diminish us all they like. It does not diminish our resolve. For those that have found us, they are thankful.

We do exactly what We The People are supposed to. We utilize the media’s own articles and newscasts against them! They have been telling us what they… are doing to us the whole time. We haven’t heard it because they strangled us to the point where we don’t have time to breathe, let alone hunt through the news. That is exactly what the Anons are here for. Patriots around the world have banded together and we are WINNING. Against all odds, we are crushing them. This is why they attack us and call us a “threat to our democracy”. They are RIGHT! Ask the Germans how “Democracy” is working. Democracy=Mob Rule=Socialism=COMMUNISM.

It is literally that simple. Constitutional Republic!Say it with me. With everything you have seen from the media that has proven to be blatant lies, Chyna friendly, propaganda loaded diatribes, you believe them when it comes to us? Say what? This is why we are tired some days and feeling defeated others. Let me say though, we will not give up. I understand that people don’t recognize us as soldiers. We look to @GenFlynn. His confirmation of our duty and obligation is more than enough for us. The millions we have helped to awaken will change this world. Do you think being a voice of truth is easy?

Psychological warfare. Break a man’s bones and he will heal. Break a man’s mind and he belongs to you. We don’t want to tell you what to think. We let the media do that stuff. We present the data and allow people to think critically for themselves. THEY call us a cult. The irony is thick. I guess we are the world’s only leaderless, faceless, nameless, rule free cult in history. Our entire purpose is singular; to brainwash you into THINKING FOR YOURSELF.

Crazy concept right? Thinking for yourself seems pretty antithetical to the whole idea of a cult. Look, we are trying to help. I won’t tell how to be. You do you. Do not, however, do nothing to help and in the meantime attempt to defame us. The citizen journalists like @tracybeanz and Anons like myself or @intheMatrixxx and @cblcrshr @X22Report, and others are fighting for US All of US are our priority. A population armed with the truth is THEIR worst nightmare. As hard as you fight against the idea that perhaps we are right, you would move mountains with us. If you could forget the idea that this is all too unrealistic for reality, remember this… Truth is stranger than fiction.

As I said earlier, I realize the concepts we present sometimes are too horrifying to you to imagine as real, but you know evil is real. It is all the media really ever shows you. Is it so hard to imagine that there are crooked people who mean… to rule over you rather than represent you? Is it so hard to believe politicians would sell out their own country for their own self interests?

IMPORTANT NOTE: Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

This is the reality we face today. They did this. We ignored it. We The People have a responsibility. Anons and citizen journalists live by it every day. We The People have a responsibility to be the arbiters of accountability for our representatives. We The People are supposed to hold our media accountable. We do this through dissemination. The truth shall set you free. The road we walk is perilous. We are defamed by lying media. We are ridiculed by the very people we are trying to help save. We are even given the cold shoulder when presenting empirical and verifiable evidence. We don’t care. In spite of the peril.. We hit the battlefield in the Information War which is our WWIII. We realize people are still behind the veil. We understand people are still asleep.

I like to say “Once you wake up, it’s hard to go back to sheep.”

While you are busy downloading the latest narrative, we are busy scrutinizing and examining it. We find the truth rather than wait for someone to tell us how to think. You can question us, but be prepared. You cannot argue with your 4am media talking points. They are as transparent and flimsy as the air they ride on. We have the sauce. As we prove to be more right as time goes on and the news unlocks all of our research, people are going to have to find us. The media and powers that be will do everything they can to keep you from finding us or even taking the information with an open mind. Think critically… and think for yourself. That is what WE want from you. We believe that when you examine the evidence with an open mind, our conclusions will be similar. It is up to you to find the truth.

All along we have been telling you what is coming. Every time we have been on target. Every target we painted turned out to be accurate. Every story we tore down turned out to be bunk. Every dot we connected came to fruition. There are those that erroneously made predictions on dates and narratives and they did us an injustice. We deal in the empirical, period. There are those within the movement who are here only to sew discord. Pay them no mind. Use discernment. It is important to not fall prey to just another source who only means to diminish credibility. These are the only people the media seems to focus on. Controlled opposition. In closing, after all of this information war the last 5 years, many of us are exhausted. However, we will not back down. We will not give in. We will not surrender an inch. We will not be silenced. Digital Soldiers united have changed fate. What will you do?

#FightLikeAFlynn Pray for your Brothers and Sisters around the world. We are in for the fight of our lifetimes. If you think this isn’t an attempted takeover of our country, you have not been paying attention. Ask God for discernment. He will show you the truth.

Fight for God and Country. Isaiah 6:8
Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall we send and who will go for us”; and I said “Here am I, send me.” 

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