An Elaborate Lie

Biden and Fauci will “save” America from covid-19 as FDA prepares to fix PCR tests, eliminating millions of false positive cases by end of 2021.

In the beginning of the “pandemic,” the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved fraudulent, high-cycle threshold PCR test kits that produced a high percentage of false positives — up to 97 percent. As more false positives turned up, Americans were told that they could be perfectly well, yet be “asymptomatic carriers” who also transmit infections. This was an ELABORATE LIE, a mass deception that permeated the population with fear. The spiking number of cases was based on fraudulent covid-19 testing kits that were designed to show a high percentage of positives based on the high number of amplification cycles used. These tests could not decipher infectious virus material and were not designed to determine viral load. This is why inanimate objects tested positive. This is why thousands of deaths were mis-attributed as covid-19 fatalities.

FDA coming clean about false positives, looks to fix test kits as vaccines roll out to make the “pandemic” turn to seasonal illness.

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