At The Precipice

Trump, and whoever is on his team, have maneuvered themselves into a historically unique position.

In the following ten days, they have the opportunity to confirm, or not confirm (by maintaining radio silence) everything Q has seeded into public consciousness.

With a single message, which they can choose to send at ANY point in time, they can, for lack of a better word, start the Apocalypse of our times. An apocalypse of information.

None of his opponents are in a position to prevent this. He remains commander in chief of the most powerful military force in the world for ten more days. Nobody will change that in ten days.

The power to unleash the potential accumulated over the past three-and-a-half years at the click of a button resides in his appropriately-sized hands alone, for purposes of public recognition. For millions of Americans, Trump is the only person to be trusted at this point in time.

Anons, take a moment to consider the amount of control, planning and sheer genius that is necessary to maneuver oneself into a position like this.

Q supporter or diehard communist – your future and the future of this world is at the mercy of this Orange madman – and there is nothing you can do about it.

These things usually only happen in movies.

I hope everyone joins me in praying that whatever happens, we intend to manifest a future of truth, justice and good things for EVERYONE – leaving behind the hatred, fear, lies and political games that defined this post-war era.

Be mindful that the people who influence your reality the most are your neighbors and your community.

Work to make amends and find common ground in what we all share – our humanity.

Fight with every fiber of your being against the evil spirits of division and distrust that are destroying our families and splintering our communities.

We are not nazis.
We are not radicals.
We do not hate.
We do not reduce our identities, or those of our fellow countrymen, to political affiliation, race or religion.
We are human beings.
We desire freedom.
Love makes us strong.

We recognize the signs of our times and with bleeding hearts we witness the destruction that has been laid on our collective souls.

Let’s do this.

I love (you) all.