Fear as Control System

Pray every day get some nature every day do not get overwhelmed by hysterical media every day know what is real news and news that abuses you like CNN. Some MSM media works on platform of shock fear hysteria name calling this is to hijack emotions over thinking perspective facts reason, talk to real people.

So how can we relate to our friends and family who cannot see through the fear tactics? God. Through faith. Pray for them. Ask God to help guide both you and them back to a peaceful state. God’s presence in The Great Awakening is very much alive and well! Do what we do best, LOVE one another. Show compassion for one another. And stay strong, America! Our forefathers didn’t fight for our freedoms long ago, to see us give up now! Now, we must fight as digital soldiers, in a new war. The Information War. Godspeed.

The Plan…Chaos then Control…Get Smart folks…Did you know the Bible says “It is impossible for GOD to lie.” Hebrews 6:18. Trust in the Lord people and make not this world your only hope…The God of the Bible is real and will never leave you or forsake you…The Devil is real and his end is everlasting destruction and with him God will destroy his followers. So Love the truth and pursue Virtue in the sight of God who sees what is done in secret and He will reward you. “I am the Way.” Jesus the Christ…Resistance to tyrants is Obedience to God…