Fear as Control System 2

1AO (One anon opines)

Remember when they tried to get you to believe that people were just dropping dead in the streets in the very beginning of all this fake pandemic scare? Fear-based control. Remember when they tried to tell you that piles of bodies were stacking up in waiting rooms, utility rooms, and being loaded into big refrigerated trucks? Remember when they tried to tell you that they had to dig huge mass graves? Fear-based mind control. It works easily on weak-minded, gullible, lazy, willfully ignorant people.

Remember when they tried to get you to believe that you had to wear a mask everywhere? Remember when they told you that masks weren’t enough and you should wear goggles? Remember when they tried to make goggles “trendy” by telling you that you could decorate your goggles and have fun? Remember when they had doctors and nurses make song and dance videos to get you into the programming? Remember how there were no bio-bins everywhere for all of those “contaminated” masks and gloves and ignorant maskholes just threw them on the ground? If it was a real pandemic, there would be bio-hazard bins everywhere. Duh. Remember how there were so many people ignoring so many very important details like that one. Remember how the homeless never bathe, never wash their hands, never use hand sanitizer, and the homeless population wasn’t wiped out by this fake pandemic. Every day for a year. The homeless people are magic.

Remember how brainwashed triggered dipshyts yelled at random people for not wearing a mask or social distancing? Remember how brainwashed ignorant dipshyts put their children through hell for no reason? Remember how people weren’t allowed to go to work, feed their children, wipe their ass, go to the park, go to funerals, visit our elderly, go on vacation, go to church, go to school, hold graduations, hold weddings, but RIOTS ARE OK? Looting, rioting, arson.

Antifa/BLM Riots across America Summer 2020

They brought a young violent thug into a nursing home to beat the hell out of elderly while preventing their family from being anywhere near them. They released thousands upon thousands of dangerous criminals. They arrested, locked up, and heavily fined innocent upstanding citizens. Remember how businesses had to shut down? Remember how people had to suffer without much-needed medical care? Remember how many people committed suicide? Remember how many families will lose their homes? Remember how many marriages were broken? Remember how there were no more outstanding number of deaths in America in 2020 than in any previous year? Covid testing has a 96% false positive rate. Contact tracing. Isolation. Lives destroyed. Covid Internment camps.