Gab’s Response to ADL

After the illegal suspensions of tens of (hundreds of?) thousands of conservative voices on Twitter last week, and the complete deplatforming/destruction of the Parler social networking company the following weekend, attention from the leftists “cancel” mob has focused on Gab.

Now, the ADL would like to paint Gab as “responsible” for the Capitol riots from 1/6, and have posted an open smear letter insinuating as such. This letter is circulating around the controlled social media and mainstream deep-state media.

While Gab is struggling to handle the enormous new load of social media refugees looking for a new platform to exercise their Constitutionally protected right to free political speech, at the same time trying to fend off sophisticated “denial of service” attacks designed to cripple Gabs ability to operate online, their president Andrew Torba pens this reply:

OF NOTE: The ADL should be calling for an investigation into Facebook, where the protests were actually organized. Gab is great for a lot of things, but it’s not a utility for organizing events. Facebook, on the other hand, has a dedicated Events feature and there were many Event pages organizing the Jan 6th protests on their platform and several massive Facebook Groups as well.

Facebook has billions of users, up until last week our site only had about 1.5m users (although this is rapidly growing now by millions.) Facebook is also home to Facebook Messenger, which according to data is by far the largest distributor of child pornography on the internet. Funny how the ADL doesn’t seem to care about that.