Lt. General McInerny Interview (Video – Please Share)

“I never thought we’d have so many Americans who have betrayed (us).”

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Yes, they have taken control. They have taken control of our society and we have one person. We just came from there and the white house standing in the way. And it’s gonna mean, and you don’t fully realize it, but every one of us here, every American out there is going to have to stand up. We read about it in history. We read about Normandy and all of that, but now we are in it. And so we must spread it. We cannot cannot surrender. And the president said he wouldn’t, you all know that it was that attack on the Capitol was done by Antifa, but it was enabled by McConnell, by Schumer Polosi and the mayor. They knew that was coming. You’ve all been up there. There were hardly any security police there and they moved in and Antifa did their thing. And then the media picked it up.

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I worked for Fox for almost 17 years. It’s disgraceful what they’re doing. And then unfortunately, Rupert is driving that with his sons and they have now merged with the rest of the mainstream media. This is serious. This was expanded. We cannot let it happen. We don’t have four years as Hong Kong. You’ve seen, we do not have time. Time is against us. And Anne and I were just talking to someone about the information that’s being released that shows clearly in those battleground States, the cyber warfare that was used, we also found out, I found out yesterday that call me the former FBI director sold the hammer and scorecard is top secret program to the Chinese. So you now have this top secret program that is like your iPhone. It gets in it’s called hammer. It gets into the voting network. Then it has an application like on your iPhone, you have all those apps, it puts it on and it modulates the voting.

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So they win not by a large number. I got a call Tuesday night at 1130 that, uh, the ISI from Pakistan was now in the voting machines in Georgia. I called someone, let them know the two candidates Laufer and, uh, Purdue were ahead. I watched one hour later, they were behind. And when you think about it, COVID-19 why are they trying to kill our small businesses and make everybody dependent upon the government? Democratic socialism is the front door to confidence. And none of us ever thought that we would be in that position today where this country became a communist society. But think of what’s happening now in Twitter and Facebook, they won’t let the president beyond their censoring, the president of the United States. This is amazing in our country that we would have ever thought this would happen. And that’s why I was so disappointed in the vice-president.

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He had the opportunity because if we had a 10 day on it, it would be very clear to all of us and all 323 million Americans, whatever the number is today, it would be very clear what has happened to our society. So God bless you. Let’s keep fighting it. Let’s support this president and the people like ourselves and understand what’s happening in front of us. We shall not let it happen. We cannot let it happen. And it, I never thought we’d have so many Americans who have betrayed and I believe it is for money and the Chinese are moving the money.

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Yeah. And that’s just a small clerk. And I had seen that two weeks ago, and what’s he’s talking about is there’s a person who is telling the world what it Lee’s role was using the, uh, uh, satellite, um, Italian government, satellite, Leonardo honey for Leonardo da Vinci. But if the land Arnaud and they were, they were changing votes, but there were, there were many countries that were doing it, but it had to be controlled from China using hammer and scorecard, in my opinion, because you couldn’t have so many different attacks because you’d be, you’d be changing numbers and all the 50 States, it just wouldn’t match up. That has to be synchronized. Look, this is a score card from, excuse me, from Joseph girl. If you tell a lie big enough, and that’s what they’re doing. And you see Pelosi, you see Sean Schumer and just told me that Polosi called the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff to Mark Millie. And they’re trying to get them out on the 25th amendment or to impeach him. Why? Well, because on Wednesday they took Pelosi’s laptop she’s friend. There was some people in there that were special forces mixed with Antifa, and they took her laptop and they have that data

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Because they have that data. I believe they also have a source. It is talking like a songbird and the president is going to spring that person honest. So it will completely completely change because it is someone that has said, I’m not going to do this. This is freezing. Remember freezing high traces circuit to use the emergency broadcast or emergency

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Action message two,

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Hey, yesterday that an email went around telling everybody about the emergency broadcast system. So there, those, those little signals that you see, you’ll see that what I saw was the September 18th or 19th executive order, 2018, and the foreigners were involved in the U S election. The president could declare an emergency. That means he knew back two years ago. And that’s why it, you know, it’s just all come together. That COVID-19 was a biological attack. Let’s let’s not say it was an accident and it slipped out of a food market or anything. We’re not that naive anymore.