The REAL “New Normal”

The world is experiencing the pinpricks of an awakening which will change history. As we move beyond the dialectic of division and enslavement towards recognition of our collective financial and spiritual power. From the Netherlands uprising to the wallstreetbets, in the first month of 2021 the battle for the future has begun in earnest.

For anyone who is feeling discouraged with friends and loved ones buying into Covid panic know it’s time to shift communications from fearful to lighthearted and courageous. The elite controllers only have one move left to them. Doubling down on irrational, draconian fear based imperatives which serve only their psychopathic vision of post-humanity.

100 million activated, loving and unified individuals have and will again change history. This is the time to drop the distractions of our addictions and focus on our character, community and clear communication. We all have a role to play in this. They are desperate. I hope they double down on every one of there maddening, anti-human policies so the entire world will wake up faster to the true rulers of this world and the system they are trying to implement. There is no going back it is us vs. them in a battle to the death at the end of history. 5th generational meme warfare will destroy the corrupt infrastructure and we will build solid, just economies and technologies on the ashes of their psychopahtic greed. No matter how dark it looks please know the seed has been planted and victory is assured but it is our actions and our actions alone which determine when the victory is won and how many people are lost in the fight.

Be prepared for the fight of your life, take care of your mental and never hesitate to laugh or share quality time with your loved ones. Attending to the present reality of your own life is itself a rebellion against the digital death cult.

Don’t drive yourself mad analysing every piece of news or every media character from all angles. The truth has a frequency, be humble and calm as you realize the power of the good but do not descend into Q anon psy op apathy waiting for someone else to act.

For those of us, and there are millions, who have been waiting on the sidelines now is the time to activate. Please know you are never alone. Find your power outside the Babylonian matrix and you will have freedom they can only envy. Even if they imprison or torture your body, they cannot touch your soul. As Killer Mike raps in Pulling The Pin “Fuck the political/the mission is spiritual” Arm yourself with satire, gratitude, compassion, intelligence and patience. As the evolutionary paths of humanity diverge, on one hand the tranhumanist genetic manipulation cult of sickness who are already relying on experimental mrna to free them, a path that will lead to sickness and death, it falls to us to demonstrate true health and human values. Breathe deep, think freely, love without fear and hold in this fight to remain human. The victory is assured but the struggle will demand everything you have within you.