Sorry, but wearing surgical “masks” provides zero safety from spreading a viral agent.

(1AO) – As a United States Marine Corps Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear Defense Instructor, Military Occupation Specialty 5711, I can tell you with 100% certainty that NO cloth or fabric mask will protect you or someone near you from contracting a viral disease. Did you know that your eyes are much more vulnerable to a viral contagion than your respiratory system? Why do you think that ALL branches of the military and federal emergency management field personal are issued biologically filtered gas masks that seal your entire facial area, including your eyes? Why do you think that epidemiologist what work in labs with contagions wear self contained breathing apparatus’ along with protective over-clothing?

If you are truly concerned about protecting “others” from contracting a disease from you, you should purchase an MSA biological certified gas mask or a military surplus gas mask such as the M17A1 or the M40 gas mask that seals your entire facial area. Your face must be clean-shaven for the mask to seal properly, so if you are wearing a mask over a beard, you are missing the point. Also, did you know that you can be infected by a virus if you have small cut, scrape or sore on your skin? Even a pimple can absorb contagions.

I am including a photo of actual United States Marine Corps CBRN Defense (MOS 5711) personnel suiting up for a biological training operation. Do you see any fabric or cloth masks in this photo?

If you are immunocompromised or are elderly, stay at home, don’t allow ANY visitors into your home. If you want to protect others from catching a virus carried by you, stay at home and don’t allow others to visit your home. But wearing an N95 fabric mask or an anti-viral mask won’t protect anyone.

Check on the number of people that get infections during surgery and later die from those infections. Weren’t the OR doctors and nurses wearing surgical masks? Wasn’t the OR completely sterilized prior to the surgical procedure? How did these patients contract and die of infection then if the operating staff were wearing masks?

Stop being fooled, stop following the “lemmings” over the cliff. Think about it. If this was a true, deadly pandemic, martial law would have been declared and Continuity of Government would have been enacted and NO ONE would be allowed to move about like we are now, not even if you are wearing a silly little fabric mask. The military and Emergency Services CBRN personnel would be deployed all across the nation, mobile hospitals would be set up in EVERY town with a population of 5000 or larger.

How do I know this? I trained for this all the time when I was in the Marine Corps.