Another BlueAnon Conspiracy

In what may the dumbest and convoluted conspiracy theory from BlueAnon so far, the leftist doomsday cult wants you to believe their (debunked) “Asian hate” narrative was really about “COVID hate”.

Because, you know, OrangeMan said “China virus” a bunch last year, and the Neanderthals who are so prone to “white nationalism and domestic extremism” (except ZERO actual proven cases) were instigated somehow by that powerful nick-name, that THIS is NOW THE SCARY NEW NATIONAL CRISIS which requires your hyperventilation and FEAR.

BlueAnon is desperate for a NEW crisis, they need one that really sticks to the ribs like a tofu-turkey dinner, and connects with “the audience” again, since ALL of their recently over-hyped conspiracy theories keep falling flat on THE FACTS, leaving them looking like a bag of dicks.