Cure for Fear

WHAT is this “vaccine” really intended for?

The virus is actually just FEAR. It’s in your head. The shot is offered as a cure for your FEAR. The price of this “cure” is your submission of your physical being to the same people who lied for a year to make sure you were full of FEAR.

In their plan, you will need more and more mystery shots, as often as they tell you, else your “passport” is revoked and you are a 3rd class person who can’t travel, or go to concerts, or maybe can’t get that job.

DO NOT FORGET that this is an experimental drug. Its only available under Emergency Use Authorization. It is NOT FDA approved.

LOOK AROUND… what is the emergency again? It’s a hoax. The only emergency we have is brainwashing, fear, and lawless power grab we are witnessing – including the election theft, the vaccine “passports”, the destruction of small business, the violation of your civil rights … this will not stop until we all stand up and say “no more”.

The only REAL cure for this FEAR is the TRUTH.

DIG MEME PRAY /// Love & Respect, anon.