Escaping East Germany

A re-post from a soldier:

I served on the East German border from 1976 to 1979. I saw several men, women and even children be cut down by machinegun fire or blown up by landmines trying to escape socialism.

One night, we had a “runner”, a woman was trying to escape, I watched her take hits from the tower machine gun from the East German side but she managed to make it over to West Germany, we put our jeep between her and the border and I leaped out to render first aid till our medic could take over. She had multiple wounds, I knew that she was dying, no way to save her, she smiled and had tears in her eyes and was trying to speak.

I held her close, she grasped the American flag patch on my field jacket and whispered, “Ich bin Frei jetz”, meaning, “I am free now”.

Those were her last words. I wept over her lifeless body till the medic pulled me away.

I will never forget her, the sacrifice she was willing to take to become a free person. No one ever dies to escape capitalism, EVER!, but millions have died to escape socialism.

Now I am witnessing our country turning into the very type of country I defended against.

So, tell me, where in the world can we escape to? We were the beacon of hope for the world.

Socialism is a feudal state, but instead of kings, dukes, and the like, we have elitist who act like royalty. Welcome to the new dark ages. Free speech is silenced freedom of religion isn’t allowed, God has been replaced with the state. It’s now freedom from religion.

So, I ask any who read this comment, what is the solution? Conform? The next election will not solve this issue if the elite controls the results. The answer is given in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Because of speech control by Facebook, I dare not say what is written, but read it for yourself.

Are you as an American Citizen willing to risk all, your livelihood, your “freedom”, and even your life to do what is required to bring this nation back to what our founders intended?

Or have we become a nation of cowards?

Please feel free to copy this. Too many have never seen the reality of socialism.