“Masks” were the first “Passports”

THE FIRST act of submission is the mask, never scientifically/medically proven to be helpful in preventing the spread of any virus. Even in states where masks are not required, private businesses are telling customers to wear masks for entry, which is legal and similar to the tried and true “no shirts, no shoes, no service” policies we all grew up with and already accept. It’s conflicting to those who respect private property rights, but know that the masks are about control, not health.

WEARING a mask ALLOWS you to enter these private businesses. The mask acts as a passport, it’s “your papers”, and you literally SHOW YOUR PAPERS to everyone when you wear it. It has no other demonstrable and verified function.

CONTROL. Then it was “negative test” required to travel, which seems smart, except that the tests being used are not suitable for the purpose of identifying infected people. They have an extremely high false-positive rate. (One wonders if these tests also have a high false-negative rate as well?) Bottom line, these tests are not accurate when misused like this, and “getting a test” is a crap-shoot on what result you’ll be branded with.

CONTROL. Now it’s “passports” next, or “certificates” in the UK apparently – because if they change the name, but use it identically to a passport, they count on you not understanding there really is no difference between the two. THIS kind of intellectual dishonesty about the facts, data, and terminology we hear from “authorities” is exactly why regular people no longer trust their governments or propaganda-media when it comes to this, and a growing list of “other” subjects.

AND don’t forget, having “the passport” only means that you took an experimental gene-therapy drug that isn’t even acting as a vaccine, since “the experts” say it’s good for a few months, only going to make your symptoms “less severe” (most healthy non-elderly people reportedly have little or no symptoms even w/o a shot), and you’ll need frequent booster/update shots to keep your papers “current” (the passport is only a temporary pass).

AND you still need to wear a mask (because they don’t want to have to stop literally EVERYONE to check their papers once “wearing a mask” is no longer in vogue with the brown-shirt Karens who have their passport.)

EXPERIMENTAL. The new shot is gene-therapy, using untested (unapproved, emergency use only) new technology, not actually acting as a vaccine, not going to stop you from getting sick, and only temporary “relief” of symptoms you’ll most likely never have.

WHY call it a vaccine then. I can think of two reasons. 1) People grew up thinking “vaccines” are helpful, so this should help. 2) Big pharma is legally protected from liability lawsuits related to “vaccine damage”… so call it a “vaccine” (even if it’s unlike any other vaccine) and they believe they are protected from liability. (They wouldn’t have developed it without this protection.)

FINALLY. The shot is NOT freedom from the madness, it is (at best) only temporary relief from the FEAR that has been programmed into you for a year, it is (at worst) dangerous in UNKNOWN ways to you, and possibly the unborn and yet-to-be-conceived.

TRUE freedom from this madness involves turning off all of the MSM propaganda machines, rejecting the pseudo-science doomsday cult, and reclaiming our freedom together, with or without “permission”.