DO YOU SEE how FAST things are moving? How fast THE SYSTEM is trying to rebuild itself?

How many EO’s on the first day, first week, first month did their Resident Puppet sign? How many illegals materialized at the ready and then stormed the border within days? How much money was conjured from thin air to pay off the obedient leftist stooge states – done in front of our faces under guise of “covid relief”? How fast did (they) act to re-join/re-fund the globalist agenda organizations, and bow in submission again to the climate-control cult? How quickly did they over-reach for another failed “impeachment”, trying and shackle Trump and shame his voters? How fast did they start to come for our guns?

The RINOs are OPENLY working/voting WITH THE LEFTISTS, they aren’t even pretending to be “opposition” any more. The leftist agenda sails effortlessly through House and Senate. The GOP has removed it’s disguise. It’s ALL HANDS ON DECK, and there’s only one team in Congress, no time to pretend. Nobody is fooled by it any more, anyway. The battlefield has become more clear, the players all wearing the same team’s colors.

THE SYSTEM IS HAVING A FIT grasping and clawing and rushing to reconfigure all of their doomsday puzzle pieces, trying to put it back together again so quickly… WHY? WHY the rush? WHY are they hiding behind razor wire fences? THEY SEEM SO DESPERATE. SO AFRAID… WHY? Aren’t they in total control of things now?

[SIDE NOTE: BEWARE DEPERATE MONSTERS. WHAT would (they) be capable of doing, if they knew they’ve lost everything, that they failed entirely? Knowing what you know now, do you think (they) would hesitate to hurt people? Lots of people? To kill people? If you have doubt, just look at the nursing home murders in leftist-run states for your answer.]

I PRAY that the panic we see indicates (they) feel their days are numbered, but they don’t know how few it is. AND I PRAY THAT THE STORM we’ve heard so much about is well on it’s way with indomitable strength and rightious fury. I PRAY that this storm falls like lightning on them with the FULL WRATH of ALMIGHTY GOD – and that it UTTERLY DESTROYS and SCOURS THE EARTH CLEAN of these demons so completely that they will only ever exist again in our history books as the most dire warning to future generations that they NEVER, EVER, ALLOW THIS EVIL TO GAIN CONTROL over CIVILIZATION again.

IT SEEMS to me that we are approaching the precipice of destruction, either (theirs), or ours. I ADMIT that I do not know the timing, and that we may have more to endure… but it FEELS close. We will know for sure when we are there.

What happens when we stand at the actual precipice of destruction is said to be the will of God.

PRAY. DRAW CLOSER TO HIM. Be ready to help others around you cope and understand. Have the basic essentials at hand to keep your family fed and safe. Be ready to fight if called. Be ready to comfort when needed.

Love & respect, anon.