The Only Real Choice

1AO – It would be incredibly naive to think that the Biden coup is an end in itself, or that there will be a real election in two years, and then another one in four. Our democratic systems have been destroyed. All three branches of the federal government, and many state and local governments, are under the control of traitors. Literally, traitors, and they are frantically working to consolidate their power over us.

By listening to their propaganda and watching what they do, what their plans are becomes pretty obvious: they want to destroy the Republic, and replace it with a dictatorship based in Marxist ideology. I don’t think they really believe the lies of Marxism; they just see those lies as a proven formula for the creation of a dictatorship. But either way, their goal is clearly to acquire absolute power over us.

And history tells us what that kind of government does to people it doesn’t like.

This sad truth is made all the more clear by the deep hatred they program into masses of mindless cattle, hatred of patriots, Christians, and white people; anyone who would stand up and resist their attempts to be our absolute masters is demonized. And history makes all too clear what that kind of demonization leads to, once the liars promoting it become despots.

So it really isn’t a question of war or peace, because war is being waged against us, and it will only intensify as those waging that war acquire more power over us. It’s either patriots get organized so we have a good chance of success, or patriots cower in our basements and wait for the enemy to consolidate his power and then come after us, always concentrating a big force against a few of us because we fear to get organized and stand together.

This is the only real choice before us.

DIG MEME PRAY /// Love & Respect, anon.