The Truth About Cases

The term “cases” is purposefully deceptive. The problem with “cases” is that “a case” ONLY means there was a positive PCR-test result, and DOES NOT represent an infected person.

The PCR-test is NOT able to accurately detect Covid-19 infections, and has an enormous error-rate when used for this purpose, especially at high amplification thresholds (almost all testing in 2020 was done w/ a very high amplification threshold).

So “counting cases” is inherently deceptive, and that’s exactly WHY it was done, to create big scary numbers in order to create the illusion of a dangerous pandemic.

The “dangerous pandemic” deception was needed to induce FEAR into every living person, in order for governments to be ALLOWED to seize additional control over a frightened and cooperative citizenry. (As demonstrated globally in 2020/2021.)

“Cases” are the basis for the bigger deception. It’s all a lie. The “flu” disappeared last year because the CDC wanted flu patients counted as Covid “cases”. The flu hasn’t “gone away”, it’s been re-branded.

DIG MEME PRAY /// Love & Respect, anon.