Attacking Reality Itself

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In the book 1984, George Orwell made the point that freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two equals four. But when you know something to be true, you can say that it’s true and you can agree with your fellow human beings that that which happened happened and now which is true, is true.

What does it take to fracture the human being? Is there anything crueler than dragging the human being apart and causing that internal fracture and to the point where they no longer trust their own ability to know which is true?

Isn’t this the purpose of a humiliation based protocol to fracture the individual, to fracture the family unit, to fracture the community, to stop us from even having the ability to dare to say that which I can see, I can see – that which I know to be true is true.

We are living inside of something we all know perfectly well is not true. And yet we’re all forced to admit that it is.

The thing that marks the difference is more of a communist style propaganda protocol is the degree of invasiveness where if it’s in a fascist system, you are told, do as you’re told or else you will be beaten up from the top down.

The communist style tries to worm its way inside of you so that you become your own bully so that people are spying on each other. So the community is actually disciplining itself. That’s far more efficient. If I can convince you to moderate your own behavior, to be the dictator inside of your own head or the dictator inside your own family or community. It saves me a job and means I don’t have to do.

One of the other things that Marx had more communist style of brainwashing is the use of shame and humiliation.

In the Russian martial art of sustainment, they talk about different ways of striking your opponent. There’s a way of striking your opponent that is hard and that can actually induce the well for them to mirror hardness back to you and make them fight harder.

And if you strike them soft, then actually what you can do is induce submission and make them want to drop out of the fight. So if you think of propaganda as trying to be a soft strike that drops the opponent rather than a hard strike that induces more resistance and more fight than you can see how the objective of induced submission makes a lot more sense. Because what we’re trying to do here, if we’re engaging in Russian style propaganda and brainwashing, would be to induce a state of humiliation.

So if you can make your opponent feel shame and humiliation, the way more likely to go into a state of learned helplessness and to submit. So how do we see the use of shame and humiliation inducing submission in people nowadays?

It’s very easy to induce humiliation in somebody if you can force them to say something that they know is not true.

If you want to do shame in a community, you make everybody in the community say something that everybody in that community knows is not true, and yet they all act as though it is true.

Humiliation is the end result. Submission is the goal.

It’s a direct attack on a shared reality itself, and I do believe it’s part of an agenda that is formed by a conspiracy to break people’s wills and make it so they can no longer think critically and simply so those people are easier to rule.

Though, politically, left leaning myself, or perhaps because I’m left leaning myself, I am appalled and frightened to see the excesses of what we’re now calling the radical left SJW culture. Political correctness. To me to even couch their behavior and their agenda and any kind of political terms lends it a dignity that it doesn’t deserve. To me, it seems to be a manifestation of an agenda that is fashioned by that is informed by communist style propaganda.

And its purpose is not to protect. Though it says it’s there to protect minorities. It’s not to a lift. It says it’s there to have lift the oppressed. It’s there simply and plainly to break people’s will. It’s actually to do damage the hysteria with which it’s delivered as part of the message. The hysteria, the hysterical way in which the message is delivered is the message is part of the message. The outrage, the fake indignation with which the messages they deliver are delivered are part of the message itself.

What do I mean by that?

Well, in order to communicate linguistically between human beings, the point has been made multiple times by philosophers and spiritual teachers that we live inside of language. We live inside of a narrative.

It’s euphemistic, it’s metaphorical, but it does actually have literal translations that without language, reality just kind of crumbles.

This group of people, this agenda that we’re seeing played out abuses, language. It renders language meaningless.

We’re supposed to communicate human to human in order to directly reflect truth when we’re no longer directly reflecting truth. We’re not just ruining language, ruining the purpose of language itself and this SJW radical leftist, so-called progressive leftist, but is in fact regressive leftist political correctness culture. I therefore see as a direct attack on reality itself. It’s a direct attack on a shared reality itself. And I do believe it’s part of an agenda that is formed by a conspiracy to break people’s wills and make it so they can no longer think critically, simply so those people are easier to rule.

What is the CIA supposed to do? It is supposed to protect the nation of America from all enemies, both foreign and domestic. What happens when you run out of foreign enemies? Imagine having an army that’s this huge an army, a navy and an air force. That is this huge machine that is a country in and of itself is multiple countries worth of humans, technology and resources in and of itself. And you’ve built this up over decades and you don’t have anybody to bash your toys against with. You don’t have any other armies you can even come close to fighting with.

Imagine if that were the case. Imagine if the war was won. Imagine if the war was locked up. Maybe in the late 80s, the early 90s, that race to have the biggest the most amount of weapons was won several times over. Imagine being the wealthiest nation on Earth with all that force and all that power. What would you do next? Where would you – if you’d already locked up the external chessboard, would you not start looking to the internal chessboard?

They know all this. They’ve planned ahead for all this and they’re trying to find a way to keep control of this machine that’s no longer representing the will of the people. That absolutely is in direct opposition to the will of the people. It’s no longer about protecting a nation and uplifting a nation of humans. It’s just about maintaining control. They know very well that if that nation of 330 million people wakes up to what is being done to them, that their days are numbered, they don’t have the capacity to stop them.

What is more efficient is it to kill your enemy, to make all your bullets hit all those humans and kill them stone dead? Or is it more efficient to just make it so that your enemy doesn’t even want to pick up weapons and fights at all? The Communists, I believe, were first and foremost, they were trailblazers in the propaganda game. They really knew what they were doing, cracked the code for propaganda and for psy ops years ago. And since then, government agencies in America that are supposed to protect America have taken those tools and those tactics and said we have no external enemy really who represents a real threat. I don’t believe there’s an external enemy that represents a real threat. I believe the chessboard has been locked up for a long time.

So what are we going to. With these tactics, well, who do we need to worry about? We’ve got to worry about our own people, we’ve got to keep them under control. So those tactics, the psy ops and the propaganda is now being leveraged against the American people.

I’m using shorthand here because as Rammstein famously saying, we’re all living in America. This is true for Canada. This is true for the United Kingdom. This is true for Australia. This is true for New Zealand. If you’re in a first world, wealthy English speaking country. This is true for you.

And even if you’re not, culture is so homogenized, it kind of affects everybody now. And what I think has happened is that things have reversed. They’ve turned around and they’ve gone, OK, here’s the problem. We now need to propagandize these people.

We need to brainwash these people because they speak one language. They share pretty much one culture. And if they choose to rebel – and they might, because historically they have that’s what America was built on. One great rebellion against who? The British Empire. The idea of equality of outcome to me is fundamentally non American in principle, whereas the rugged individualism and entrepreneurial ism of saying, hey, everybody should be flat and equal, let’s flatten society and just force everybody to be equal.