Basic Anatomy of Covid Scam

Every argument comparing (Covid data) to (other data) is fundamentally flawed when we accept the “official” case or death rates as legitimate, and then attempt to compare apples to oranges to make a point about the “plandemic”… your argument is always WRONG right from the start, because of the (knowingly) fake data being included as part of your argument… It’s a lie.

This is part of the logical trap that we’ve been stuck in from the start, and illustrates how cunning the plandemic cover-scam really was.

1. Covid case counts are hyper-inflated due to PCR tests at high-cycles, causing up to 97% false-positive rates. (This is KEY, and key that maximum number of “tests” be given. See point 3, below.)

2. Covid death counts are hyper-inflated due to counting anyone who died “with a positive Covid test in last 30 days” (See my point 1 above, 97% false) as being a “Covid related death”.

3. Everyone get tested (or re-tested) – even if you do not feel sick (aka: are perfectly healthy) – or if you may have “contacted” someone who popped-positive on a (97% false) Covid test – or get tested if you are just terrified by the 24/7 psyop being waged on you by “those you trust” and you just want to “be sure”. So, basically, Go to step 1, repeat.

This 3-step process for “creating something out of nothing” will always create falsely hyper-inflated results if enough people “get tested”, which are then promoted 24/7 by media, celebrities, government officials, international agencies, “doctors”, “scientists”, and “experts”…

So, now, if even the fake numbers are less than road fatalities, it means the scam is really falling apart, even as the heist continues…

One thing important to note – this scam still requires YOUR VOLUTARY PARTICIPATION in order to work… once we STOP participating in tests when we feel fine, it all falls apart. So in a way, if you’ve volunteered to be tested, the scam is partially YOUR fault (albeit “unknowingly”)… which is another evil part of this plan. The truly guilty have involved you in their fraud.

So, the next logical question, is “WHY?”.

The Covid-scam is cover for the real crime, the Covid-heist of your basic human rights and freedoms, as well as trillions in national treasure – and, of course, one Presidential election.

DIG MEME PRAY /// Love & Respect, anon.