Systemic Racism

UNDERESTIMATING BLACKS may be the most BRUTAL type of (actual) SYSTEMIC racism in America, because after years and years of hearing this anti-black propaganda that they “are not as capable as others”, many blacks become convinced it is true, and then ACCEPT the life of a stereotype.

WE ARE ALL BORN WITH INCREDIBLE ABILITIES, but we must USE THESE to become CONFIDENT in our abilities. This all starts as curious children, free from prejudice and insecurities. ALMOST EVERY CHILD in America has a nearly perfect chance to THRIVE if they are simply TOLD THEY CAN and ALLOWED TO TRY.

The sad fact is MANY MANY too many “people of color” completely waste their OWN potential because they were TRICKED into believing that it doesn’t exist for them.

LEFTISTS did this to them. DEMOCRATS do this to them. HOLLYWOOD does this to them.

Mark Robinson REJECTED this stereotype, can SEE who is behind it, and is apparently dedicated to help END THIS brutal lie from being told to any of our children ever again. Let’s help make it happen. Enough is enough.

Claiming that “Voter ID” is “too hard” for black people is another (systemically-racist) Democrat LIE.

Love & Respect, anon.