Restore Every Legal Vote

“The truth is right in front of you”

The 2020 election is NOT settled.
100+ million Americans HAVE NOT conceded.

LISTEN TO THIS CROWD peacefully gathered to cheer their President and hear him speak, not knowing that a deep-state PR trap had been set-up 1.5 miles away at the Capitol. (NOTE: The leftist Jan 6 PR trap is currently falling apart and is being exposed as a complete “wrap up smear”.)

Listen to this massive crowd of legal American voters and supporters peacefully assembled to hear their President speak on the morning of January 6, 2021.

DO NOT FORGET we Trump-supporters are a MASSIVE number of legal voters who were all denied our constitutional and civil rights in this election fraud. Then we were wrongfully DENIED the protection of law when the “supreme court” refused to even take up and hear multiple cases – based on bullshit parliamentary tricks and deceptions about “standing”.

Listen to the People. 


The forensic election audit that is starting today in Maricopa County, Arizona will likely uncover a good amount of systemic election fraud in that county, and might be the crack in the MSM and Democrats coverup of these crimes. The Democrats are still trying to derail this process, withholding evidence, probably destroying what they can. Americans are praying that they were unsuccessful in completely covering their tracks at the scene.

The auditors will reportedly be reviewing 2.1 million ballots by hand, and this process is estimated to take 40 days to complete.