Posted by Anon on  May 1, 2021 |


I’m generally a fan of “ZeroHedge” for news (there are so few places left to find breaking news), and I do post some of their best articles here. It’s a bit of a new aggregation site, so they have many different contributors. Like anything, you still must be careful, not all articles are trustworthy.

Here’s an example I saw earlier today, and the headline is completely misleading, on purpose, in my opinion.

ZeroHedge published the headline: [ “Let’s Kill Some Cops” : Antifa Infiltrated By Undercover Trump Supporter, Recorded Plotting Attacks ]

I believe this headline intentionally infers that the “Trump Supporter” (somebody) who “Infiltrated Antifa” was himself “Recorded Plotting Attacks”. But if you read the article, or the linked original article, you’ll learn that the “Trump Supporter” (whoever this is) recorded Antifa plotting attacks on cops.

Am I wrong? Am I misreading?

AT BEST it’s a very poorly written headline. AT WORST it’s the kind of deceptive writing that the MSM specializes at.