Vaxx’d & Masked?

To all the vaccinated people still wearing masks:

Thank you for finally being honest. For a year you mindlessly repeated “my mask is to protect you, your mask is to protect me”. For a year you screeched “trust the science”. For a year you ranted that businesses must follow CDC guidelines because “private businesses aren’t doctors, they shouldn’t make their own health guidelines”.

And in just a day, you’ve done a complete 180 on all of that. You say you’ll continue to wear a mask because “it makes you feel safe”. You, not others, you. Because deep down it was always a security blanket. You weren’t wearing it to be a hero, you were wearing it because you were terrified.

After demanding for a year that businesses be forced to follow CDC guidelines or else be shutdown, now suddenly you think businesses should be able to ignore guidelines and make their own rules. Are you so blinded by fear that you can’t see your own hypocrisy?

So thank you. Thank you for finally removing the (proverbial) mask. And showing it was never about safety, it was never about “the science”. It was about crippling society and ruining countless lives in order to pander to your untreated neuroticism and all-consuming phobias.

And a bit of advice: No arbitrary amount of vaccinations, no declaration of herd immunity will ever make you “feel” safe. You need therapy. I’m not saying that as an insult. I’m not saying it to belittle you. I’m being serious. You need professional help to get over the mental damage this mass hysteria has inflicted on you. And most importantly, you need to let the rest of us return to normal.