The REAL White Supremacists

SUPRESSION TACTICS – The current 24/7 screeching from leftist political operatives and their pets in MSM about “white supremacists” is not really about “racism” at all.

IT IS IN FACT a psychological-warfare SUPRESSION tactic to divide ordinary Americans and convince the whites to NOT to “take a stand” now or in the near future, else be accused of hating all non-white Americans.

Ordinary Americans are notorious for standing up to real or perceived injustices, and sometimes whites are great at LEADING others to do the same. And there are a lot of whites in America. So the leftist cabal seeks to divide and “disarm” this threat to their (failing) system of control.

Good thing that ordinary Americans of every color can also be incredibly patriotic, stubborn, and don’t listen much to bossy leftists. Lol.

Much Love & Respect, Anons /// DIG MEME PRAY