TIP OF THE ICEBERG – Remember that the whole State of Arizona was “certified a win” for Biden with ONLY a 10,457 vote lead across the WHOLE state of Arizona…

So far, IN JUST ONE COUNTY in ARIZONA, auditors have found –

-15,307 illegal votes from people NOT properly registered to vote on election day.

-18,000 people who voted on election day had their voter registration deleted AFTER the election. The most likely reason is that they too were NOT properly registered to vote on election day, and maybe we not even alive on or recently prior to election day.

[ That’s 33,307 votes from unregistered “voters” in ONE county. ]

-74,243 “phantom” mail-in ballots w/ NO evidence of EVER BEING SENT to registered voters in this ONE COUNTY.

[ That’s 107,550 votes total from “unregistered” or “phantom” voters, in ONE county, in Arizona, where the margin of victory is 10,457 ]

…and all of this is IN SPITE OF the county election people refusing to turn over key pieces of election records for examination, as required by law. What other evidence of election fraud will be found by auditors there?

When you see it in this context, you can understand why the leftists are fighting with all hands on deck against the audit efforts across America.