Panic Pushers & Their Fear Junkies


“Pfizer To Seek Authorization For “Booster” Dose To Protect Against Delta Variant

“Pfizer and its partner BioNTech announced Thursday evening that they will seek authorization from the FDA for a third “booster” dose of their COVID vaccines that will offer increased protection against the Delta variant (despite the fact that both Pfizer and its rival Moderna repeatedly insisted that its vaccines are still effective against all known variants including Delta).”

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IF you believe (trusted the science) that you need to be “vaccinated to stop the pandemic” or “stop literally killing grandmas” – and you offered up your body (your physical life) to an experimental drug in the “name of science” – you became a “fear junkie” – and the criminal MSM and big pharma became your “pushers” – and have your mind and your “fix”.

WHENEVER they want to push more of their drugs, they first will push more fear.

You will then feel you need your next fix – because if you don’t keep getting them, your fear will return – and perhaps worse – if you don’t keep up with the boosters, you will be admitting to yourself that you never really needed any of these shots in the first place, or that you no longer “trust the science” and might be excommunicated by those who still do. Right?

HERE’S THE TRUTH my friend, you never really needed the shots, they aren’t really working, and you can stop anytime you want – just stop being afraid – just say no. The key to stop being afraid is to stop accepting the lies and deceptions that are being so desperately pushed on you by “the experts” and the deceptive politically and financially motivated MSM.

Until enough people “just say no” – THERE WILL NEVER BE AN END to the “variants”.