The Point of Q

One Anon Opines (1AO) – “The American citizen was in a coma. The point of Q was to wake the American citizen into paying attention to his government, world events, media manipulation, and the financial and familial connections of the powers that be before mass censorship, control, and communism could be fully implemented. You are in the midst of a Chinese takeover of the United States through fifth-generation psychological warfare.

Unfortunately for the enemies of the United States, in this 5th generational battle sphere there is a giant resistance by the American populace. The false narratives provided by the communists through mainstream avenues are constantly being countered. Whether that be immigration is good, vaccines, election tampering, or what have you. The foundation of this American counterinsurgency against infiltration is in large part due to the Q operation.

Q motivated millions of Americans to wake up and pay attention to the levers and lever pullers in the world around them. This was accomplished through the use of word puzzles, memetics, and mnemonic programming by the promise of a carrot on a stick. The carrot was ephemeral and basically a lie. There were never to be arrests, never to be a cathartic aha moment, nor a day of victory. These false rewards were only to serve as the impetus to motivate one to learn critical thinking skills, abstract thought, and the art of information dissemination for the purpose of establishing a love of country, God, and morality to a population that was absent of it.

While the means may have been based on false premises and promises, the ending result was necessary for the continuance of the American experiment. If the Q program had never been launched, there would be no bitchute, rumble, getter, gab, or whatever else platform today that educates people to alternative narratives found in the media, and most of all the audience for it would be less than five percent of the population; and the first tenet and amendment of the United States Constitution, freedom of speech would be dead, and with it, so would the United States.

Q was government or military. Full Truths never come out of these organizations. Q was honest about this from the beginning. Disinformation is necessary was something Q said from the beginning. Whether you believe in Q or not is irrelevant at this point. A civilian branch of digital soldiers exists now. Their will to fight is indomitable. They are feared by those who wish to do harm to this country. Light and information collection/sharing are their weapons of war. People now have a choice of narratives. There is no going back. Patriotism is on the move. Truth is hungrily sought out. You can either fight or you can fold. The choice is yours. The end won’t be for everyone.”

DIG MEME PRAY /// Love & Respect, anon.