“INFORMED CONSENT” – In JANUARY 2017 the FDA published a “guidance document” advising “industry and other stakeholders” that there is NO INFORMED CONSENT required for EMERGENCY USE AUTHORIZED drugs.

…which explains HOW the clot-shot is being injected w/o anyone having the chance to give “informed consent”, and the ingredients are secret.

…which explains WHY the “FDA Approved Comorbidity” (sp?) clot-shot w/o EUA (it’s “approved”, no EUA needed) is STILL NOT AVAILABLE ANYWHERE. If NOT under EUA, the requirement for informed consent would apply, as well as other legal requirements, as per FDA regulations.

(This is dated Jan. 27, 1981 – This is an actual regulation.)

FDA Guidance Document: Emergency Use Authorization of Medical Products and Related Authorities – Guidance for Industry and Other Stakeholders (See Section b)
(This is dated January 2017)

The “guidance document” also explains why HCQ, Ivermectin, and ALL ALTERNATIVES to the EUA clot-shots MUST BE declared “dangerous” and clinical trial information about the alternatives completely SUPRESSED (handily done by “Industry”) – because the EUA is predicated on there being NO OTHER EFFECTIVE ALTERNATIVE.

It’s ANOTHER coincidence that the “guidance document” removing the requirement of informed consent was published just in time (but not too close) for the clot-shots, right?

It’s a trick. A deception.

[ This event has been orchestrated for YEARS by an actual conspiracy of “industry” interests – supported and allowed by corrupt (and evil intent) State, Federal, and International governments and regulators. ]