One Anon Opines 112821(a)

The satanic bloodlines use childhood trauma conditioning as a teaching aid, producing high functioning offspring with ‘alter’ identities with the mental capacity and ruthlessness necessary to compete with the other bloodline families and to maintain a families’ dominance over the sheep, and, by doing so, control of its own destiny and the destiny of mankind.

Sinister charismatics, Tolle, Marianne Williamson, Tony Robbins L Ron Hubbard command relatively high-level programming skills which allow them to reprogram individual belief systems (including their own) with some facility. Is this done to “make people happy” and help realize untapped potential? Or to build human bot nets of controlled, compliant individuals who share similarly modified realities?

Gurus, “influencers,” “motivational speakers” who recognize their ability to control others and to ‘’’permanently alter beliefs, behaviors and preferences’’’ soon figure out how to deploy and monetize their talents via a marketing strategy where converts recruit new customers.

Charismatic / hypno-sexual programmers flourish and do their business openly because we don’t like to talk about how suggestible, how easily influenced and persuadable, we humans truly are.

Mass hypnosis uses a technique called “shock induction” to create a compliant, suggestible public in the wake of false flag terror attacks, like 911, and in the media induced panic We the People will readily sacrifice hard won, longstanding constitutional liberties in exchange for promised security against further false flag attacks.

The power and reach of media content psyop tactics in tightly networked populations is so great that only direct action by the power of the US military, the executive branch and the Ultimate power of the Living God, could hope to prevail against it.


If We the People do not control our communication network(s), then those networks control us; they are what they were engineered to be, a consumer mind control apparatus.

Just as the cult sought and acquired control of the railroad networks and used that hidden control to control to determine which towns and whose businesses would flourish and which would stagnate it sought control of information traffic for the same reason. To control the future economic development of the world and insure it followed their plan. By setting railroad freight rates the cultists favored satanic enterprises and thwarted competition. Today by controlling who knows what, the cult does can do the same thing, favor cult enterprise more efficiently and secretly.

The cult’s subterfuge, disguised ownership and control, corporate shells and special stock classes disguised ownership and control of the railroads. Now, the same system disguises ownership and control of media companies – this is the “hidden hand;” the secret society control systems known as webs.

We the People rely on ideologically partisan networks for information. Since ‘’’ all ‘’’ ideologically segregated partisan networks selectively amplify FUD and suppress facts contrary to partisan narratives, ‘’’ no single set of facts exists for We the People to argue over the interpretation of. ’’’

With no trusted information supply, in the middle of a multi polar information war, there is no method to determine which information is real, true and important and which is trivial, false and maliciously intended. How do we make decisions when ‘’’all’’’ information is corrupt and controlled?


Computational civilization rests on information. The better, more accurate, the information, the less error it contains, the better a society performs by measures like the rate at which new, objectively true scientific knowledge is created.

Civilizations which fail to set a high value on information integrity for all citizens, are inevitably tyrannies where deception is the rule; communities which cannot, and do not, survive as advanced computational civilizations must subside into barbarism, and ultimately, into collective, instinctual animal life.

Civilizations which set the highest value on the accuracy and integrity of their information supply view truth as a sacred, know that error correction and secure networking are essential to the maintenance of the life of all advanced, computation dependent civilizations.

The deep integration of computation into every sphere of human endeavor has supercharged our science and taken our civilization to an unfamiliar place, beyond material limitations, where the rules, God’s rules, are the rules of the universe, and have their ultimate and mysterious source in the timeless properties of natural numbers.


[ Reprinted w/o permission. Source: Unknown/Anon ]