Hickman Eggs Farm

This is…was Hickman Eggs Farms.

Why was it on fire and why should you care?

This farm was home to over 160,000 egg laying hens.

What did those hens use as nesting?

Shredded paper.

What were those papers before they were shredded?

Illegally printed Ballots for the 2020 election.

How did they end up at this farm?

Because the owner of that farm Clint Hickman, one of the Maricopa Board Of Supervisors, owns this farm.

His plan was to shred the fake ballots and hide the evidence under his hens.

Unfortunately for him, word got out that the ballots were tracked to his farm.

With in ONE hour of finding out that information, he set his farm on fire, burning the shredded ballots, and killing thousands of his own animals.

Makes you wonder what is in Clint’s closet doesn’t it?