Health Passports are Freedom’s End

PLEASE UNDERSTAND the “passports” are leading to an electronic “scoring” system which will be used to tie each person’s freedoms, rights, and access to money to their surveilled compliance with government orders… but that’s just the beginning.

THEN this system will be tied to your bank account, and fines will be levied in real time by layers and layers of AI-driven surveillance devices that will instantaneously “see”, record “evidence”, and levy a fine of your breaking of existing laws; like speeding, running a red-light, jay-walking w/o pedestrian crosswalk. You’ll be notified of the transgression, and possibly publicly admonished on nearby display screens for your lack of judgement. (This is actually done in China.)

NEXT this system will be used to punish those people who do not support the government/corporate official narratives. Violations (like “thought crimes”) will be determined in real-time by AI’s scouring your location data, social media posts, emails, text messages, conversations, search queries, online purchases, offline purchases, rentals, travel habits, etc… Imagine your “twitter ban” from recent memory – but now able to not just “silence” you, but now will restrict access to your bank account, your car’s “start” command, or the “smart” lock to get into (or out of) your own apartment.

SOON AFTER this system will be made “social”, where your friends, family, coworkers, and strangers you come into contact with in real life will be able to “rate you”. This rating will be accepted by many a status symbol at first – but soon it will be a passive-aggressive method for “punishing” people who didn’t use one’s pronoun correctly, challenged one’s religious dogma, was rude, or otherwise “offensive”. AND THEN you will be judged by your network of relationships, and can be “punished” by association to others who have “committed offense” unrelated to your actions or thought.

THIS IS NOT a “slippery slope”, it’s a suicidal NOSEDIVE directly into a dark dystopian future where God-given FREEDOMS become technocracy-controlled PRIVLEDGES to be used as the “carrot or stick” to control everything you do, everything you say or write, every personal relationship, how you raise your kids, etc.

Most of this currently exists; has been war-gamed and prototyped, tested, adjusted, and “perfected” already in various cities across the technocratic-communist China. It’s real, and this fake pandemic and planned “great reset” is key to rolling it out globally. It’s what 5G is really for. It’s what “smart homes” is all about. It’s what your cell phone was for. It’s what “smart” means, in general, when applied to technology.

BEWARE. DO NOT COMPLY. RESIST, else IT WILL be controlling your life very very soon, and YOUR CHILDREN will never have a chance to resist it, which is the real goal of the people who designed this system. [ They plan on generations-scale, unlike most of us. ]

WATCH “Black Mirror” Ep. “Nosedive” to see one vision of this future. ]

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