Fake News Pandemic

Pretending More Furiously Than Ever

The Pretenders are Pretending More Furiously Than Ever – Trying to Convince You that the Weakling “Moronic Variant” is Reason to SHUT IT ALL DOWN again.

Notice how it’s the same leftists always over-acting, trying to sell an emergency that certainly only exists in their 4am talking points?

1 – The leftist political mouthpiece Saturday Night Live aired last weekend with skeleton crew, but only masked up for the end credits. Much deepest concerned hand-wringing sprinkled with reruns of unfunny counter-Christmas sketches in between.

2 – The failing pedo-infested leftist political mouthpiece CNN now shutting offices, not because of their total shit ratings, or to try to avoid public arrests of their staff, but – you know – because Moronic variant.

3 – Several leftist political indoctrination factories like Harvard, Stanford, and Cornell Universities are just not sure their 99% vaccination rate is strong enough to protect their delicate sensibilities from the Moronic variant.

It’s ALWAYS the same actors, pretending to have the high-ground, pretending to be “concerned”, pretending that there is something REAL to fear.

IN TRUTH the few blue-blood banking families who own the central banks want to SHUT IT ALL DOWN again, and use that shut-down as an excuse to cover for the imminent failure of the ponzi-scheme that is the US Dollar. It started in 1913, went full fiat in 1971, collapsed in 2008 but was “saved” by “bailout” (double-down on ponzi-scheme), and in 2021/2022 is on the verge of total (unsalvageable) failure.

These banking families control the governments and big corporations, and are using them to perpetuate the greatest crimes against humanity of all time. There is no coming back from this for them. End game.