Extortion Island

Raiding Epstein’s Island

Remember that time (AUGUST 12, 2019) when the FBI & NYPD were spotted raiding Epstein’s “Rape, Blackmail & Extortion Island”?

In the HD drone-footage (linked below) it is clear to see the EVIDENCE BAGS containing AT LEAST ONE COMPUTER and other electronics bagged and tagged in window of the main house… in possession of at least 3 FBI agents, 2 NYPD officers or evidence techs, possible one local uniformed law enforcement officer, and several other “feds” in less obvious clothing – but with sidearms. (The team spotted the drone hovering outside, and then they covered the window with some blankets and cardboard boxes.)

REMINDER: Jeffrey Epstein allegedly committed suicide in a max security Metropolitan Correction Center, New York on August 10, 2019.

TWO DAYS LATER the NYPD (along with FBI & others) are seen on Epstein’s Blackmail Island quickly collecting computers and other items from the main house, and most likely other facilities across the island. The island is over 1,600 miles away from New York.

WHAT WAS THE NYPD and FBI so eager to collect immediately after Epstein’s alleged “suicide”?

Ghislaine Maxwell was certainly connected to that evidence. She was running the operation in most ways. WAS THIS MODERN (2019) EVIDENCE ever produced for the current kangaroo trial of Maxwell, or are we to believe that the NYPD and/or FBI has somehow “lost” it as well?