The Truth about Twitter

Twitter is a weapon of mass disinformation. It was one of several social media platforms incubated by covert means in early 00’s. It survived the “fail whale” and was selected (along with Facebook and Google) to be rolled into the System of Control and floated for years by deep pocket dark money, sometimes under guise of “angel investors”.

Once it was selected, suddenly everyone with an audience was pimping their twitter handle – often right on the television screen as they broadcasted the “news”. The claim was twitter was “trendy”, but like most successful “trends” in life, the twitter trend was a marketing campaign, with nearly every corporation including twitter handles in all marketing and broadcasting.

At the time I thought twitter must be paying them for the promotion. I didn’t yet see the System, but now it makes perfect sense to me what was happening. The little blue bird was being infiltrated into our lives.

Nothing is coincidence with this System. It’s all directed, enormous in scope, and nearly imperceptible because of the (normally) creeping pace of it’s execution.

Trump delayed their plans by years, and they are rushing to catch up. We can see them now, because they are moving too quickly to remain hidden. They are making many mistakes. They are caught off guard by Elon’s stealth stock stake and public buyout. I don’t trust Elon, but this was a masterful opening performance.