Global Tidal Change is Happening Now

While it may take 300 years for climate change to raise the oceans level a fraction of an inch, there is a global tidal change crisis happening right now, and the worlds’ governments are trying to keep anyone from noticing.

Earths beaches are being swallowed up and relentlessly eroded by easily observable tidal rise – often ripping at the shores of poor countries – while in other countries the bays and tributaries are drying up, leaving fish and wildlife stranded and abandoned on a lifeless wasteland.

Rescuers in kayaks search aimlessly for beachgoers who were just there a few hours ago.

It’s not just mother nature who suffers. Entire fishing fleets are left high and dry, fishermen left unable to fish, unable to provide food for the table. Communities hanging on in an uncertain world.

This chart officially shows the tide rising rapidly.

In other areas people are forced to quickly relocate themselves and their families without any government help or corporate assistance, often having to carry the only belongings they have with them, and in some cases, with only the clothes on their backs.

This fishery was hit hard by recent tidal change. It is uncertain if it will ever recover.

Why are the world’s governments silent about global tidal change? Why all the distractions with “climate” change, barely effecting the ocean levels – even in their worst-case “computer models”? (And we all know how well those computer models predicted Covid.)

We must stop this tidal change, no matter the cost. The science is settled.

#FightTidalChange #StopOceanRising #StopOceanLowering