Covid Bounties – Dead or Alive

Consider how evil the manipulation was… an onion of lies and financial carrots and sticks.

The stick (for hospitals) was initial lockdowns, all non-critical appointments cancelled indefinitely. Hospitals were going broke fast, and there was no clue as to how long this would last. In fact the government “models” (falsely, knowingly) indicated it would be years.

The carrot (for hospitals) was government bounties on anything and everything “covid” related. The incentive then for the hospitals was to connect everything to covid, in order to collect the bounties. So if you found yourself in the ER for a car accident, or a broken leg, or a heart attack – you were tested and retested as often as needed until you popped positive on the over-cycled randomized PCR test. Once that happened, the money started rolling in – as long as the hospital abided by the CDC protocols and mandates – no matter what the “caregivers” were seeing the protocols were doing to their “patients”.

Hospitals survived on government (taxpayer) funded “dead or alive” covid bounties – while their patients suffered on ventilators and remdesivir and died.

Sit back and consider that this was all organized, planned, practiced and perfected prior to the first “case” ever being reported. The hospitals were made to go broke, then bribed into becoming modern day concentration camps. And the doctors and hospitals fell right in line, while their supposedly “overworked hero” nurses were making dance videos for tiktoc for the locked-down world to see (the taunt). (I suspect many of these videos were psyop fakes, meant to demoralize/desensitize the public.)